Black & White Copies

Black & White Copies Prices
(Black and White) Copies - up to 500 - Printed on 20# White Paper
Letter Size (8.5"×11”) one side
Letter Size (8.5"×11”) two sided10¢
Legal Size (8.5"×14”)one side
Legal Size (8.5"×14”)two sided15¢
Tabloid Size (11”×17”)one side12¢
Tabloid Size (11”×17”)two sided22¢
(Black and White) Copies - more than 500 - Printed on 20# White Paper
Letter Size (8.5"×11”) One-Sided
Letter Size (8.5"×11”) Two-Sided
Legal Size (8.5"×14”) One-Sided
Legal Size (8.5"×14”) Two-Sided 12¢
Tabloid Size (11”×17”)One-Sided10¢
Tabloid Size (11”×17”)Two-Sided 20¢
Color Paper
Pastel Color Paper(8.5"×11”) #50 lb
Bright Color Paper(8.5"×11”)
Colored Tabloid18¢
Manual & Book Copies20¢
Cover Stock#65 lb20¢
Customer Stockask
Hard Copiesmin $1
Digital Copiesmin $2
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    Black & White copies start at just 3.5¢

    Our copies are printed on high speed production copiers. The copiers deliver an exceptional speed to meet rigorous document workflows. Print more than 1,000,000 pages per month at speeds up to 110 pages per minute. Scan both sides of a page at once at speeds up to 220 images per minute.

    We offer the very best B&W copies at the cheapest prices. All B&W copies are printed on high-end digital copiers/presses at 1200 x 1200 dpi to ensure the highest quality. B&W copies are great for printing reader, flyers, presentations, newsletters or training material. For printing books and manuals we offer all the options you need to create your project.

    Take advantage of our lowest pricing, we offer different sizes, as well as cut-to-size copies and documents are also available. Attract more customers with color copies and documents, or have your literature duplicated in black & white. Choose from a variety of binding and finishing options for a look that accurately reflects your brand.
    Order as few as one or as many copies and documents as you need. Quantities start at one and continue on up, so you can always have enough printed to meet your printing needs. Multipurpose papers are brighter than everyday copy paper; perfect for office documents and external correspondence. Have them delivered directly to your home or office, or choose in-store pickup for quicker access.

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